• – Fully Equipped!!
  • – Cooling Fan
  • – Vented Shelf
  • – Adjustable Feet
  • – 2 Brush Type Cable Entries
  • – Set of Cage Bolts/Nuts (20pcs)


৳ 8,200.00



– Glass front door and perforate frame gives a modern look to the cabinet, but also, helps to remove hot air from the cabinet and let air flow circulation provide cooling effect to the equipment
– Locking front door handle gives impression of being a HQ furniture but not a technical box, at the same time, facilitates and limits access to the equipment

Fixed vented shelf
– A fixed vented tray improves air flow circulation and helps to keep the temperature of the equipment in secure regime. Loading capacity up to 150lbs.

Cooling fan:
– Cooling fan is used to assist air flow circulation maintain the working temperature regime inside the cabinet. Optionally, another cooling fan can be installed at the bottom of the cabinet to pump cool air in. Capacity is 440m3/h.

Brush-type cable entry:
– Protects the high prices equipment against dust and other fine electrically conductive fractions against electrical damage to various critical parts.

Standing legs:
– Now, all server cabinets come with standing adjustable feet. You can anytime transform your cabinet from a wall mount to free standing unit. (!!! Do not exceed the recommended loading capacity!!!)

Mounting hardware (M6 x 20pcs, tools):
– There is no need to get mounting hardware. Mounting tools, screwdriver, mounting key and a set of 20 pcs of nuts, clips/screws is already included in each cabinet.

Locking front and rear doors and removable back panels:
– SRW-series cabinets are designed to maximize security of the equipment. All locking front and rear doors, removable side panels limit access to unauthorized persons while allowing for authorized personnel to easy installation, maintain or upgrade the equipment. (set of 2 keys included)

Original manufacturer warranty: 1 year

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Supplied non assembled in 1 flat package. Easy and simple mode of assembling, assembling guide is provided. Replacement parts available for all models.

Available also: 6U, 9U, 12U, 18U, 22U, 27U, 42U different depths and models. Visit our store for more mode