HP S1 4GB 2666MHz DDR4 SODIMM Laptop RAM

  • Model: HP S1
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 4GB
  • Ram Memory Technology: SO-DIMM
  • Memory Clock Speed: 2666MHz
  • Latency: CL19

৳ 2,400.00


The HP S1 Laptop RAM comes with 4GB capacity2666 MT/s and has a latency of CL19.
It operates at 1.2V voltage which makes it efficient without compromising on performance.
The HP high performance memory is 100% component- and module-tested for guaranteed reliability with great durability.
This RAM will give more breathing room for your laptop by upgrading the memory.
This would enable to Load programs faster, increased responsiveness, multitask smoothly, and run data-intensive applications with ease especially web browsers.
This new HP S1 Laptop RAM has lifetime warranty.