BDCOM P3310C Series 4 PON Port Rack-Mounted OLT

Capacity : Maximum coupling ratio, 1:64
32G backplane bandwidth
Interface : 6 GE ports (2 gigabit RJ45 ports, 2 combo ports, 2 gigabit optical ports)
4 fixed EPON ports
PON Interface : A 1Gbps transmission rate with downlink and uplink symmetry
Average emitting power of the PON port: +2dbm ~ +7dbm
Light reception sensitivity of the PON port: no less than -30dBm
Security: ONU authentication mechanism
Standard : IEEE802.3ah
IEEE 802.1D, Spanning Tree
QoS : Backpressure flow control (half duplex)
IEEE 802.3x flow control (full duplex)
Limiting the uplink/downlink rate based on each ONU
Supporting DBA and SLA
VLAN : Port-based VLAN
IEEE802.1Q VLAN relay
Multicast : IGMP v1/v2
IGMP Snooping
Reliability : Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD)
Security : Limiting the maximum number of users on each port
Port isolation : Packet storm control
Flow-based ACL access control function
Transmission data encryption on the PON interface

Original price was: ৳ 48,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 47,000.00.


BDCOM P3310C OLT supports four PON systems. It has following benefits:
 P3310C abides by IEEE802.3ah and PRC Community Industry Standard (YD/T 1475-2006).
It adopts the point-to-multipoint network topology, effectively collects separate Ethernet
services and aggregates them on the MAN node. It connects the upper-layer devices
through the GE interface and can be connected to the existing network smoothly.
 The Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) mechanism enables all users to share the 1Gbps
bandwidth reasonably, guaranteeing a reliable QoS.
 The modularized PON card of P3310C can support four EPON systems simultaneously, up
to 256 ONUs and the 1/64 coupling ratio.
 P3310C supports various MAN interface type groups. The optical ports or the electrical ports
are selected according to network conditions.

 P3310C supports the IGMP multicast and the multicast VLAN.
 P3310C is of a 1U height and low power consumption.
 P3310C supports the link automatic switching when trouble occurs in the optical fiber.
 P3310C is highly reliable and supports the dual power supply.
 P3310C has rich OAM functions including configuration, alarm, performance monitoring, fault
isolation, security management and CLI/GUI management.